Apoplexy and Canoeing in the Digital Age

I’m all for preventative medicine. That’s why I’m planning a canoe trip next week to Chamberlain Lake. I can actually feel the thoughts of floating on the lake in my canoe lowering my blood boiling threshold, therefore diminishing my chances … Continue reading

The Allagash Waterway – Allagash Falls and the home strech

Already the river has become a blur. The lakes and ponds I remember, the expanse of Chamberlain, the blue distances of Eagle, the choppy waters of Churchill. Then the sexy hills of Umsaksis, Long Lake’s peace and longness. The delta … Continue reading

The Allagash Waterway – Eagle Lake to Umsaksis – Day 3

A cool wet wind blows out of the northeast into my face. It’s uncomfortable enough I stop paddling and pull on a windbreaker. It’s not good, this weather out of the east. Last night the ranger mentioned three days of … Continue reading

The Allagash Waterway – Eagle Lake

At Lock Dam Chamberlain water flows into the Allagash watershed through a culvert, and a small mile long stream that runs down to Eagle Lake. I’d heard of people walking their canoes through there, but the water seemed high enough … Continue reading